Industry Résumés provide job searchers and employers with the following professional services

Resumes and Cover Letters


An effective Resume defines your professional account of experiences, abilities and skills. It is an essential personal document that highlights your personal information and can define your career progression.

We work with clients to create highly personable resumes that enhance employability.

At Industry Resumes, we operate by consulting with our clients until they’re satisfied with the end product.

Cover Letters provide context to your resume and are a platform for communication. They are requested by employers to determine whether you are the best fit for the job.

Our service and consulting processes help define your suitability and express your aptness for the desired role.

At Industry Resumes, we can customise your cover letter for a specific role or develop a general cover letter that can be modified to suit various positions.

LinkedIn Profile Writing and Optimisation


Building a LinkedIn profile can be highly beneficial to your career advancement and provides opportunities to network every day. Recruitment specialists are constantly reviewing Linkedin to advertise new positions, find suitable employees, identify trusted referrals and determine who you are.

At Industry Resumes, we build Linkedin profiles so that our clients have a competitive advantage. We know how to optimise your profile so that recruiters find you.

Selection Criteria and Government Applications


Selection criteria and Government applications can often be a confusing and lengthy process for job seekers, but we make it a stress-free experience for our clients.

Selection criteria are an important tool used by local, state and federal government sectors to measure and assess candidates’ abilities against the requirements of the job. It helps determine an applicant’s competency to perform effectively, and represents essential skills, personal attributes, knowledge, qualifications, and experiences.

Our writers are experienced in identifying client abilities and previous experiences to ensure that they demonstrate the necessary qualifications for the position.

At Industry Resumes we apply the STAR response technique and work with our clients to focus on analysing the criteria, extracting key words and providing supportive evidence of examples to formulate clear responses, which detail why our clients can fulfil the provisions of the job successfully.

Career Counselling, Interview Coaching and Job Application Services

It can be frustrating trying to navigate and comprehend the ever-changing world of employment.

Suitable for organisations and individuals, our career counselling services assist in providing clients with a competitive advantage over other job-seekers.

Our coaches consult with clients to gauge their passions, abilities and requirements, they create a development plan and guide individuals in taking appropriate action to progress in their career and successfully achieve goals.

Interview training and coaching assists in developing job interview prowess and provides job-seekers with the right knowledge and tools to make a lasting impression to potential employers.

Industry Resumes can also aid in job searches and applications, assisting to navigate the ever-changing platforms and find vacancies in desired fields.

Outplacement Services for Organisations


We assist businesses in implementing innovative solutions for career progression and transformation.

Our team can assist with company redeployment, employee development plans and career management strategies with our professional writing and consulting services.

We offer support and guidance through our outplacement services to make a smooth transition into a new role.

Consultants work closely with companies to provide individuals with the appropriate resources, skills and tools to successfully achieve career goals.

With individuals we build a customised portfolio including a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. Additionally, we provide job search and application assistance, interview coaching, and career advice.

Industry Resumes has worked with clients in the mining, construction, oil and gas sectors to assist in the successful transition of employees through business restructures on large and small scales.

Our mission is to help businesses maintain a professional company image, and reputation, by implementing innovative solutions in career progression and transformation. We help with company redeployment, employee development plans and career transitions with our professional résumé and cover letter writing services.

We also offer support for job applications, LinkedIn profile building and general career advice. Industry Résumés services clients in the resource industries including mining, construction, oil and gas.

We help with company redundancies and career transitions with our professional packages; and support with job applications, transfers and career advancement.

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